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Friday, April 29, 2011

Wide Screen Buddha

Wide Screen Buddha

Nowadays a religious stimulus satiation cannot be avoided, no matter where you try to escape to.
We see mullahs online or on TV shows, we all have already heard of those funny TV preachers you cross every now and then in US Television, and some hindu priest will definitely tell you on an indian broadcast what Hanuman or Ganesha suggests to do.

Infront of this background I wondered how a Bodhisattva would act, when he finds himself in front of a TV camera, being asked for a sermon…
…and I had this image of him bursting out in laughter and telling everyone to just enjoy life, not taking yourself too seriously and laugh out loud when you catch yourself being stuck in old patterns.

To transform this image into my language, I chose nine equally shaped steel blocks, and arranged them into a video installation format, with an approximate 16:9 proportion, and added my sign in 24ct gold leaf on the upper left block, just as if ‘I’ would be CNN or Al Jazeera or ..

So when you install your Wide Screen Buddha, please put a candle and incense sticks underneath the installation, and adjoin some nice flowers. You will find out that when you take some minutes in front of him, a smile will sneak onto your face and your mood -no matter how dark it might have been before- will lighten up real quick…

The Wide Screen Buddha exists so far in approx 90 x 105 x 2 cm (above) and in 150 x 260 x 1 cm (below).

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